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Child Care Procedures

Meals and Snacks The children are served home cooked nutritious morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack. All menu choices are in conjunction with Canada’s Food Guide. Please note we are a nut free centre.
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Field trips
As part of the curriculum field trips and other offsite excursions are planned periodically throughout the year. Parents will be notified in advance of field trips and will be required to give written permission.
(Toddlers exempt)
Parents must notify the centre before 9:00 am that the child will not be attending on that day

Upon completionof registration forms a $20.- per child non-refundable registration fee is required. A two week deposit per child is required. This deposit will be refunded upon termination provided proper notice has been given.

Termination of Child Care Space
One month’s written notice is required for withdrawal of your child from the centre. One month’s written notification is also required should you reduce the days of care. If written notice is not received full child care fees will be charged in lieu of notice. As well your child’s space may be terminated for the following reasons: · Non-compliance with general policies and payment provisions · Behaviour related-verbal and/or physical abuse of staff and/or children by the child in question · An inability by the child in question to follow rules and routines therefore consistently disrupting the program · Written complaints about child in question from parents of other child in centre · Inappropriate or disturbing behaviour exhibited by the child’s parent

Orientation to Program
Prior to enrolling your child/ren in one of our programs, parents are required to attend a tour of the centre and an orientation with the Supervisor. As a part of the orientation process parents are encouraged to have their child/ren attend the centre tour. All paper work will be given out at time of tour and must be completed in full prior the child’s/ren’s first day of care.

Fees are due at the first day of the month. There will be a late charge fee of $1.-/day should these fees not be paid after 5 business days. Private paying parents are allowed 3 weeks holidays at ˝ price.

Wait List Policy
Alexandra Daycare has established the following priority ranking for offering available space to new applicants on our waitlist.

  • Children of staff members
  • Children in care who need to increase their days of care
  • Siblings of children already enrolled
  • Children in care who need to move into the next age group
  • All other applicants on the waiting list

At time of offering an open space we ( ADC ) will give applicants a 3 day period to return a phone call or respond back to an email, before we will move on to the next person on our wait list.

ADC will ensure that the wait list will be made available in a manner that maintains the privacy and confidentiality of the children listed on it, but that allows the position of a child on the list to be ascertained by the affected persons or families. O.Reg.274/16,s.4(2)

Day Care Waterloo   Day Care Waterloo
For the protection of all concerned you must notify the staff if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child at the end of the day. The child will not be released to anyone unless we have heard from the parent in person, in writing or by telephone.
A late pickup fee of $2.50 for every 5 minutes will be charged after 5:30pm.

Assistance with Fees
A.D.C. has a subsidy agreement with the Region of Waterloo. The Supervisor can assist you in accessing information on child care subsidy or visit the Region of Waterloos Website or call 519-883-2200

Health Care
The Child Care and Early Years Act requires that prior to admission each child be immunized as recommended by the local

Medical officer of Health. It is our policy that a child who is too ill to fully participate in all programs is to remain home. The child will be sent home if he/she develops a feverhigher than 99.1 deg. F or 37.3 deg C . If the child has had two consecutive diarreah or vomiting or a contagious illness your child will be sent home until the condition has been cleared up.

A.D.C. will administer prescription and non-prescription medication to children.
· Written authorization must be given
· Medicine needs to be in original container
· Medicine must be given directly to a staff member, not left in the cubby area or in children’s bags

Appropriate clothing for the season is necessary for comfortable play and activity at all times. Please ensure that an extra set of clothing is available in your child’s cubby in case of spills and/or accidents. Parents should also bring a blanket for nap time and a second pair of footwear for inside play.

If your child is in diapers an adequate Supply of diapers is to be kept at the centre, along with wipes, ointment or powder to be used. If a child is in training pants, several pairs must be kept on hand at the centre along with extra shirts, pants and socks.

Inclement weather
We are committed to providing reliable child care and thus our policy is not to close the centre due to inclement weather, unless a weather emergency occurs. Please listen to your local radio station for information.

Open Communication
Our qualified ECE teachers are committed to building a strong and supportive relationship with parents in order to enhance the care and learning of children. Parent’s comments and suggestions are welcomed.

An informative newsletter is available at the beginning of every month via our internal HiMama app.


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